Introduction of the chairman


About the chairperson of the board of directors

  Ms. Hsu Feng, born in Taipei, Taiwan, China on December 4, 1950, is the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Tomson Group Limited. When she was young, she starred in about 50 movies in 15 years and won the best actress award several times, two times at the Golden Horse Awards. In 2017, in honor of her achievements in movie starring and producing as well as contribution in film restoration and preservation, the Executive Committee of Taiwan Golden Horse Awards awarded her the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

  In 1984, Ms. Hsu Feng established the Tomson Films Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, and subsequently set up its branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The companies have altogether produced 26 excellent films, and have won numerous awards. Among them, “Farewell My Concubine”, produced in 1993, became the first Chinese film to win the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Best Foreign Language Film award in the U.S. In 1998.  The Cannes International Film Festival awarded “Best Producer” award to Ms. Hsu Feng in recognition of  her contribution promoting Chinese films. This was also the first time that the Cannes International Film Festival has ever awarded such special and supreme honor to a Chinese, thereby garnering international attention. 

  In 2002, Ms. Hsu Feng established the Tomson Entertainment Co., Ltd. to move the entertainment industry towards modernization, internationalization and diversification.

  In 1992, in response to the call of the central as well as the Shanghai municipal government for the building and development of Pudong, Ms. Hsu Feng and her husband, Mr. David Tong, started to make investments in Shanghai. For their unsparing efforts to the development of Pudong, Shanghai municipal government awarded them the highest decoration in Shanghai, the “White Magnolia” award, in recognition of the determination and perseverance Mr. David Tong had shown in investing in the development of Pudong. The Tomson Group, headed by Ms. Hsu Feng, after having worked hard in Shanghai for more than 18 years, has now accumulated great accomplishments and achieved an outstanding reputation. Today, Tomson is already a renowned brand in the industry, and at the same time, is synonymous to high quality. 

  In 2001, Ms. Hsu Feng was appointed by the royal family of Monaco as Honorary Consul of Monaco to Shanghai, and the Honorary Consulate of Monaco was set up in Shanghai in the same year. 

  Under the leadership of the group's director, Ms. Hsu Feng, the Tomson Group's real estate business will continue to move forward towards internationalization. The Tomson Group, with the real estate industry as its foundation, will gradually grow into a diversified, trans-disciplinary large international enterprise group. 



2017  54th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards for Lifetime Achievement Award

2010  Monaco Saint Charles Knight of Honor

2009  Heritage and Paragon Award by Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group

2005  Top 10 Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Award

2001  Appointed as Monaco Honorary Consul in Shanghai by the Monaco Royal Family

1998  Most Outstanding Producer Award at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival

1979  17th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards for Best Actress

1976  13th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards for Best Actress

1974  Golden Crown and Shield Award of 22nd Asian Pacific Film Festival

1969  9th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards for Most Promising New Actress


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