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Charles Tong: based on The Chinese perspective side


  Editor's note: They are the leaders of the enterprise, leading the enterprise to forge ahead; They are the promoters of the development of the real estate industry, and they have been working all night to build a better life. Let's listen to them talk about their life and business management. The guest of conversation in this issue is Mr. Charles Tong, vice Chairman and executive Director of Tomson Group.
  Classic plain black frames, shirts and sharp suits have become the norm for Charles Tong when she travels.
  When asked to give advice to young people, the son, who has run Tomson for 14 years, smiles and says he is still young for a post-80s generation.
  Born with the halo of "big son of the Tang Family", the young man's mother is Xu Feng, the best actress of The Golden Horse in Taiwan, who is known as "a chivalous woman of the generation", and his father is Tang Junnian, who is known as "the first person to develop Pudong".
  Since taking over the family business at the age of 24, he has seen a perfect combination of youth, fashion and maturity from carrying heavy loads to devising strategies. Today, Charles Tong is known more as a successful entrepreneur.
  When under pressure, Ms. Tang usually relaxes with sports and contemporary art. He said bluntly that aerobic exercise and golf balanced the drain on our brain power, and my love of contemporary art gave me free time.
  As one of the earliest investment enterprises and a major real estate developer in Pudong after the reform and opening up, Tomson Group has long been closely associated with the development and construction of   Pudong in Shanghai. On September 28, Leju Finance had an exclusive conversation with Charles Tong, vice chairman and executive director of Tomson Group, listening to him talk about the relationship between Tomson Group and Pudong.


Pudong's "Metamorphosis"

  "Night Shanghai Night Shanghai you are a city that never sleeps, lights up, cars sound, singing and dancing... At the thought of Shanghai, the mind can't help but emerge from the song, lights, cheongsam, singing and dancing, the road to Shanghai's prosperity.
  However, the bright, bustling world of Puxi at that time had nothing to do with Pudong across the river. Across the bund, a stretch of farmland and reed fields, stand 52 disparate buildings of classical revival and the ten-mile Bund. When the whistle of the Huangpu River and the bell of the Bund ring out again and again, it is in response to the wind blowing the wheat waves in Pudong.
  All these changes began in 1990, the year when the development of Pudong in Shanghai was officially launched. Two years later, the story of Charles Tong's family and Pudong began.
  In 1992, Tang's father, Tang Junnian, and his mother, Xu Feng, responded to the call of the central government and Shanghai municipal government to build Pudong and began to invest in Shanghai. Tomson has also embarked on an aggressive acquisition and development of properties in Shanghai's Pudong district.
  At that time, there was a popular saying in Shanghai: "I'd rather have a bed in Puxi than a suite in Pudong." However, Tang Junnian, founder of Tomson Group Co., LTD., sees Pudong's development potential with a forward-looking strategic vision.
  Public information shows that during the 1990s, Tomson Group, as a pioneer, built a series of "no.1" supporting facilities along with the development process of Pudong: the first five-star hotel, Intercontinental Pudong; Tomson Center, the first foreign high-end business center; The first Fifth-Grade A-grade foreign office building -- Tomson Financial Building; Tomson Golf Course is the only golf course located in the downtown area in Pudong, and tomson Golf Villas have been built in stages around it.
  With the steady progress of its development, Pudong has gone through great changes over the ages. From rural areas to high-rise buildings, from rural areas to urban areas, It has become the "Pearl of the Orient" attracting worldwide attention.
  In addition to the increasingly tall buildings and dense traffic, Charles Tong also pays attention to the development and changes of pudong's economic structure. He believes that Pudong's economic transformation is ahead of its time. "Pudong started from land consolidation and real estate development. Now it is an international financial center, a logistics center and even the cradle of many high-tech industries."
  In addition, through the communication with tomson owners, he saw the development of Pudong culture. "Pudong also leads the country in education, culture and art development. With the development of individual economy, many of our clients have become collectors, collecting works of art and cultural relics, and the cultural development is also at a high level."
  Charles Tong pointed out that Pudong's development is the result of inclusiveness. "Pudong has more new Shanghainese than Puxi, and these people are not only from all over the country, but also from all over the world."

Go hand in hand to create the future

  Looking back on the 26 years of development of Tomson Group in Shanghai, the most unforgettable thing for Tomson is that during the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007-2008, Shanghai municipal government showed its determination and persistence, which gave tomson great support and encouragement.
  Back in 1997, when the Asian financial crisis shattered the booming Asian economy, investors in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tightened their monetary policy in the financial crisis, leaving many developers in Shanghai that year, including Tomson Group, facing a capital shortage.
  Tang recalled that Mayor Zhao Qizheng, who was then in charge of Pudong, personally interviewed his father, Tang Junnian, and reached two consensus: First, Shanghai is less affected by the Asian financial crisis now, and Tomson's investment is safe. In Pudong, the biggest investor is the Shanghai municipal government, because Shanghai municipal government is doing infrastructure construction, and then foreign developers represented by companies like CP and Tomson are doing commercial project development. The investment of Shanghai has determined that the development of Pudong is a long-term investment, and the Shanghai Government has the firm confidence to do pudong well. Secondly, I hope Tomson can develop together with Shanghai. Tomson can adjust his strategy, but I hope that we can do a good job in pudong construction together.
  "It is such frankness and calmness in front of strong winds and big waves that give us confidence to look further and go further under the leadership of the Party and the government." "Said Charles Tong.
  Following the pace of development and change in Pudong, adhering to the strategy of "based on high-end and facing to the public", Tomson has long been synonymous with high-end residential quality. Tomson Group is also constantly welcoming the harvest period, and it is becoming more and more open in terms of external publicity, management style and brand building.
  Recently, Charles Tong is busy with the team to brew a new project. He felt that the planning phase of a new project was particularly important, as it required repeated research and grinding to present a good product and increase the conversion rate to convert customers' purchasing power. "I hope to present it to you at the right time in the future after the fine polishing."


Young people need patience

  As a post-80s generation with many glorious titles, we have a lot of curiosity about Charles Tong outside of work. He laughed. "Everybody gets up, eats, goes to work... Don't make me an idol or a god! I'm just folk."
He regards work as important as life. "If a man has no life but a job, his life is not healthy. If all he has is a life and no job, his life is not healthy either."
  This is also his understanding of the meaning of life. In 2005, Charles Tong, under great pressure, once traveled to Qinghai for a short time, and his mother strongly supported him to drop everything to feel the "ascetic monk" days, which brought him a fundamental change in life attitude. reborn Charles Tong therefore more cherish and love life, the biggest dream is happy life. "I want to say to the post-80s generation, happiness is always around us, only for those who have a heart."
  When I was a child also see saint fighters Star vector, seven dragon ball, Slam Dunk shang Zi jia, grew up to be keen on golf and other sports. He believes that proper sports and hobbies are important to relieve stress and relieve mood. "Cardio and golf balance our brain drain, and my love of contemporary art gives me free time."
  He admitted that his love of art was influenced by his mother, and that the most perverted people along the way were also his parents. "My father's courage to make decisions is what Tomson is doing today, and my mother's dedication to art is what makes farewell my Concubine. Of course, her dedication to art also falls on the creation of each set of our model rooms."
  As a successful young entrepreneur, he appreciates young people who have entrepreneurial passion, drive and dreams. But it is also a reminder that passion is not enough. Patience is needed. "These are the most valuable assets young people have, so we've been supporting young people to get involved in innovation and entrepreneurship since 2015. But it used to be a good environment, a lot of people had passion, now it's a bad environment, can you stay tough? That's what matters."


The following is a selection of the dialogue between Leju finance and Charles Tong


  Leju Finance and Economics: The 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. How do you see the development and changes of China's real estate industry in the past years?
  Charles Tong: Three changes. One is the great changes in hardware facilities brought by real estate development and construction. When I was a child, I used to take a ferry from Puxi to Pudong.
  Second, the real estate industry is becoming more and more professional and standardized. When Tomson Golf was just opened, there was no standard contract. Now, Shanghai government has done a lot of work on the healthy development of every link of the real estate industry, from planning and construction to sales. It should be said that Shanghai's industry management is ahead of the whole country.
  Third, with the growth of economic development, high-end commercial housing used to be sold to foreign customers, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan customers. Now, some Chinese people even go abroad to buy houses or even develop overseas. You could say it's changed a lot.
  Leju Finance and Economics: The integration of the Yangtze River Delta is in the stage of rapid development. What do you think of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta? Does Tomson Group have any layout and expansion plan?
  Charles Tong: We pay attention to two points at the same time. One is the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, and the other is to unite our compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with the economic ties of mainland China.
  Yangtze river delta integration relationship between the industry transfer and the flow of talent, we keep communication and exchanges with many industry and I personally also positively with some cultural industry layout, some partners hand in hand to do industry fund, we are also willing to devote more resources to further such as new energy cars, e-sports entertainment, film production industry, etc. Real estate projects are still mainly in Shanghai.
  In addition, we fully support the cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and the mainland, which is reflected in our commitment to the film culture cooperation projects between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and the three places. Our company itself is also a company that brings together talents from the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. This is what we have always insisted on and what we are most willing to see.
  Leju Finance and Economics: the whole society is discussing the craftsman spirit. What experience can Tomson share in creating products?
  Charles Tong: with the development of precipitation in mansion project, we have formed their own "through", my mother ms hsu feng put forward the concept of product, should make their products as a "home" rather than a house, we love our products, like love their "home", to the heart, sweet, carefully from the client to consider, what kind of product should be presented to the customer.
  We take seriously from door model even if be big house, also should satisfy above all "home" function. From the decoration design, we try to do for each member of the customer family consideration.
  Le Ju Finance and Economics: compared with the present marketing, has it changed much? How will the second half of marketing go?
  Charles Tong: We are paying more and more attention to the offline trend of high-end projects in marketing promotion. We always have a belief that Tomson Yipin is "people-oriented". Compared with the flow disk project, a house with hundreds of millions of yuan should consider more about how to do point-to-point communication and service around a single customer. This is the next big thing in luxury marketing, and it's a lesson from the past, something we call "patient patience."
  For unpresented projects, we actively do a good job in product planning, to present good products, to increase our conversion rate to convert customers' purchasing power, is the core priority, so we repeatedly study and grind in the planning stage of new projects.
  Le Ju Finance and Economics: how will the next property market go?
  Charles Tong: As for the judgment of the property market, we suggest that we first make a judgment on the development of the city. If you think Shanghai is dynamic and has staying power, the property market should still maintain its vitality and staying power. Second, don't get stuck in one year or two years and stretch the cycle a bit. Like Warren Buffett's theory of value investing, believe that scarce products in good urban locations have the defensive properties of value investing.
  Leju Finance: Name a few people or companies in the real estate industry that you admire most, and give brief reasons.
  Charles Tong: there is too much to say, there are a lot of real estate person deserves all admire, yanlord, shimao, cofco, vanke, Evergrande, there is a lot to my study combines ChuangDou bosses, of course, is the most all admire my parents, my father's decision drive will be tomson today, my mother to the art work will have a farewell my concubine, of course, her persistence in art also falls in between the example we each make.


Dialogue Charles Tong: Tomson a product, return to the arms of the home
Change is the only thing that is constant. We are on the journey of life, imagination infinite possibility, hope to break the boundary in the change, find the storage of the most real self space;
Change is the only thing that is constant. We are on the journey of life, imagination infinite possibility, hope to break the boundary in the change, find the storage of the most real self space;
Written in Pudong Development and Opening 30 years: Tomson, a Pudong legend
In the late 1960s, a young man walked through the streets of Taiwan carrying a variety of cloth samples. The midday sun had soaked some of his curly polyester shirts. That year, not many people cared about this thin young man, but in the window of a busy street, there was a TV advertising: "Tomson curtains, newly imported, fashionable Taipei curtains..."
In the late 1960s, a young man walked through the streets of Taiwan carrying a variety of cloth samples. The midday sun had soaked some of his curly polyester shirts. That year, not many people cared about this thin young man, but in the window of a busy street, there was a TV advertising: "Tomson curtains, newly imported, fashionable Taipei curtains..."
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On November 8, the supporting forum of the second China International Import Expo -- "Lujiazui: China's Link to the World" was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center.
On November 8, the supporting forum of the second China International Import Expo -- "Lujiazui: China's Link to the World" was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center.

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