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Tomson Riviera
Located at Riverside Avenue of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Pudong, Tomson Riviera consists of two 40-floor and two 44-floor luxury apartment buildings and one high-class riverside clubhouse, totaling 220 suites, with an area of 434-1240 m2 per suite. It is currently Shanghai’s one and only high-class apartment buildings planned and designed according to villa dimensions. Tower A and Tower D have one unit per floor; with an area of 597 m2 for single-floor residences and the area of about 824-986 m2 for duplex apartments; Tower B and Tower C have two units per floor, with an area of 435 m2 for single-floor residences and an area of about 605-1240 m2 for duplex apartments. Currently, Tower A and Tower C are on sale,Tower B and D for lease.
As an international residence in the core area of Lujiazui, Tomson Riviera is opposite to the Bund, with a direct view of the Huangpu River and overlooks the landmark landscape buildings of Shanghai. It is constructed with world-class building materials, facilities and security system, and offers private butler service.
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Tomson Riviera Garden
Located at Luoshan Road, Pudong, and neighboring Tomson Golf Course and Central Park, Tomson Riviera Garden (Phase II) is another villa community after the Tomson Golf Villa by Tomson Group. The project covers a total building area of approximately 140,000 m2 and consists of single villas, with an area of approximately 570 m2, and townhouses, with an area of approximately 386-400 m2. Phase II project continues the consistent style of Tomson's design: low-profile, simple, and modern. The one hundred villas of Phase I were immediately sold out the same day when sales was open; in Apr 2009, Phase II townhouses once again became the talk of the town when sales were hot despite unfavorable economic environment, with the first batch of villas being sold out within a very short period of time.
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Tomson Golf Villa
The Tomson Golf Villa, developed in the Tomson Golf Course, was one of the first top-class villa projects in Pudong and also the only golf course villa in the downtown of Shanghai. The project started since 1996, and it has grown into the largest and most influential matured international community in Pudong. In 2004, the Tomson Golf Villa won the special prize as the most popular residence in Shanghai.
Located in the southeastern side of Tomson Golf Course, Phase VIII of the Tomson Golf Villa covers a total land area of 133160 m2 and is a full-stone villa community of Mediterranean, Las Vegas, and classical French styles. It is the first to introduce elevator designed for use in single villas. Each villa has a super-large garden of 1.5-3 mu and a super-large terrace, where the residents can look afar into the vast and beautiful landscape of the course, breathe 1.4 million m2 worth of fresh air, and enjoy the luxurious and majestic life of the elite.
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Tomson Xingguo Garden
The Tomson Xingguo Garden is located at 511 Hunan Road, near Huashan Road, opposite Radisson Plaza Xing Guo Hotel, and only minutes’ walk away from Huaihai Road, Hengshan Road, and the Xujiahui business circle, a universally recognized central location and aristocratic area for over a century. Neighboring the consulates and many renowned residences, it sits among a large area of green land, rare and precious in the downtown area, and enjoys the particular human historical environment and value of the area. The Tomson Xingguo Garden has 3m-high inter-floor space, underground garages, and in 52 European palace- styles, with an area ranging from 145-264 m2,and of nearly 20 personalized house types. The pure residential villa space is enriched with amour and unparalleled collection value. Except for several parking slots which are still on sale, all the units of the whole project have already been sold out.
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Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera
Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera, located in Jiefang Road, Heping District, is near Tianjin Italian Style Area and Binjiang Road Shopping Street. Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera and Tianjin Railway Station are only separated by Haihe River, so that you can get to Beijing from here within 35 minutes. Surrounded by Haihe River and convenient traffic network, west to Jiefang North Road, south to Chifeng Road, Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera is at the center of six districts of Tianjin.
As the major project of the Jin Wan Plaza 2, Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera was jointly developed by Tianjin Tomson Construction Co., Ltd, wholly-owned subsidiary of Tomson Group Limited, and Tianjin Financial City Development Co., Ltd, subsidiary of Tianjin Urban Investment Group. Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera consists of buildings 7, 8 and 9, which make an elegant shape of letter L, with overall floorage reaching 520,000 square meter (the above-ground building area of 370,000 square meters and the underground building area of 150,000 square meters). Its building forms contains high-end housing, high-end shopping mall, grade-A office and starred club.
Advancing from Huangpu River to Haihe River, Tomson Group Limited is starting a new era with a respectful heart and observant eyes. We have witnessed the legend of Tianjin, and we are developing Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera, only wishing to make Tianjin better. The sales center and sample rooms of Tianjin Jinwan Tomson Riviera officially opened in November 2013.
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